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About Agile People Partners.

Our unique outlook.


Human Resources is all about people. It’s right there in the name: ‘human’. And you couldn’t get any more human than the team at Agile. 

A HR expert, an alpaca farmer, an ultra marathon runner, a mum, a wife, a WIRES volunteer and a PhD student  and that’s just our leader, Mel.

Agile’s approach is driven by years working closely with major brands, small businesses and individuals. But perhaps more importantly, it is informed by our lived experiences, the moments that have taught us empathy, compassion and understanding. 

Combine this with robust strategic minds and rolled up sleeves, and you have a HR expert with a unique outlook. 


A message from Mel.

“Years ago, sitting in a paddock, surrounded by rustling, brown grass, I realised something. I’ve learned as much about people from alpacas, as I have learned from people. 

Strange, right?

My career has involved more people than I can count. I’ve met with them, consoled them, coached them, guided them, strategised with them.

But it was working with alpacas that truly taught me how to listen to people. Not just to what they are saying, but importantly, to what they are not saying. 

There is no one-size-fits all solution to HR, except listening. Really hearing what someone communicates, and understanding what they or their business needs, is the first step in finding the right path to any destination. 

A lot of consultants claim to have the answers, but how many start by truly listening?


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We value agility

We are nimble, energetic and we pivot to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

We believe in passion

We are unapologetically positive, purposeful in our approach and we always strive for excellence.

We foster partnership

We don't have interactions or transactions, we have genuine relationships.

Mel Tunbridge - Agile People Partners

Introducing HR expert, Mel.

“Mel is one HR Director who doesn’t take the easy road. She has a palpable energy and zest for all things HR.”

– HC Magazine

Meet Mel, a HR expert who loves to be busy!

In addition to raising two kids, alpacas and countless injured animals, Mel also helps build companies.

With more than 20 years’ driving HR in both high profile and SME businesses, Mel keeps it real with her HR solutions. 

She strives to understand the distinct challenges of every client, and bases her approach on best practice, decades of experience and her unique outlook on all things life, work and strategy.


We're only as good as we give.

We want to give back! A big part of why we started Agile People Partners was to create an opportunity to share and put something real back into the discipline of consulting.

Winston Churchill Quote

One of the ways we achieve this is to offer 5% off every repeat invoice to a charity of your choice. Your choice, not ours – we’re not telling you where to spend your hard-earned cash.

Simply email with the name and specifics on how to donate and we will do just that.

Want a 5% discount instead? Then you’re probably missing the point.

So help us put the heart back into HR!