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Engage Employees
In HR Projects.

HR Project Management.

We can help engage employees and deliver your project.

Any project within a business that impacts your people, how they work, their satisfaction or what is required of them, is an HR project. And every successful HR project relies on how you engage employees. 

Whether a merger or acquisition, a restructure, renegotiation of contracts or employee reappraisal, introducing HR expertise and objectivity into the process will always produce better results for your business. 

At Agile People Partners, we roll up our sleeves, slide on our boots, and we get the job done!


Make a real change.

HR as a business function is becoming more and more project-focused, and it’s likely everyone in your business already has a day job. Engage employees with projects driven by the experts at Agile People Partners, overcome the challenges of any employee or organisational change, and leave your inhouse HR team to do what they do best.

Getting strategic with HR
Every business, big and small, should have a strategy for managing its people effectively. When you need a plan for managing human resources, give Agile a call!
Engaging employees
Effective internal communications, training and development, and performance management are all key to real employee engagement. Our experts can help your people connect.
Industrial relations
Employee relations can be a minefield for the inexperienced. Agile brings decades of knowledge working with a variety of industries to support stronger employee relationships.

"We empower clients to focus on running their businesses, while we run their HR projects."

– Mel Tunbridge, HR services, Agile People Partners


Engage employees for optimal outcomes.

Before anything else, we are people-people. We combine our understanding of people with a thorough knowledge of employee legal regulations and strategic HR, to engage employees and deliver successful projects. 

Plugin HR

Build capacity and get more done with onsite, phone and web-based HR specialists who seamlessly plug in to support your business.

Project HR

Manage projects effortlessly with HR specialists for mergers, restructures, redundancies, employee benefits and wellness programs.

Public Speaking

Engage and motivate your audience with experienced speakers who share valuable insights into HR best practice, talent, training and leadership.

HR Management

Provide greater stability for your team, progress projects faster and review your business HR function, with a dedicated and expert on or offsite HR Manager.

Contact Us

If you need an HR partner, people specialist, or speaker on HR-related topics, please get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you.