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Human Resource

Interim HR Managers.

Always there when you call us.

Whether we like it or not, companies change. Business landscapes change. People change. And without effective human resource management, change can get the better of us. 

At Agile, we have managed HR for all kinds of business changes and challenges. 

We have been the trusted advisor to senior executives and we’ve delivered business-driven HR strategies by re-building struggling enterprises. We’ve forged high-performance teams, and developed skilled, focused HR professionals and leaders. 

We have done all of this because at that time, for that project, or that period, our clients have needed us. 
And when they call, we come running!

Short-term human resource management.

Agile’s interim human resource management services bring specialist expertise to businesses that are in start-up phases or experiencing new developments, mergers/acquisitions, restructures or other periods of change and growth. 

Supporting business change
Whether preparing a business for joint venture or workplace transformation, re-designing business processes or re-configuring structures, our experienced specialists at Agile People Partners, can ensure a smooth run.
Bringing true expertise
Clear processes guide businesses and everyone in them. If you are introducing outsourcing strategies, process automation or establishing global mobility or leadership programs, Agile has the experts you need.
Building business capacity
Interim human resource managers are exactly that. Interim. They are there only for the period of a project or assignment. With Agile, you have the chance to build your HR capacity, when you need it most!

"An interim solution can give your organisation the breathing space it needs to hire the right human resource management, without any downtime."

– Mel Tunbridge, HR services, Agile People Partners


Reliable, efficient, available.

Hiring someone who has done it before makes sense. But what if you don’t need them forever? Our interim human resource management solution makes experts accessible to everyone. 


Plugin HR

Build capacity and get more done with onsite, phone and web-based HR specialists who seamlessly plug in to support your business.

Project HR

Manage projects effortlessly with HR specialists for mergers, restructures, redundancies, employee benefits and wellness programs.

Public Speaking

Engage and motivate your audience with experienced speakers who share valuable insights into HR best practice, talent, training and leadership.

HR Management

Provide greater stability for your team, progress projects faster and review your business HR function, with a dedicated and expert on or offsite HR Manager.

Contact Us

If you need an HR partner, people specialist, or speaker on HR-related topics, then please get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you.